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  • Resources

    • The World of Spectrum
      Essential site for all things spectrum. Incorporates the wonderful Sinclair Infoseek search engine.
    • Planet Sinclair
      The original site for all things essential.
    • comp.sys.sinclair FAQ
      Collation of things that go by on the comp.sys.sinclair usenet group. Really useful site for both users and techies.
    • Retrospec
      Retrospec are a team of coders, graphics artists and computer musicians who have gathered together to bring you all the best remakes of old 8 bit games.
    • on filmation
      Analysing and viewing the zx spectrum games Knight Lore, Alien 8 and Pentagram by ultimate. Includes links to various ultimate related sites, a tutorial on isometric gaming (using the isocis c++ library).
    • FishyFish Speccy Maps
      Top-notch maps from a number of spectrum classics.

  • Tributes

  • Commercial

    • Sinclair Research
      Minimal site focusing on the latest products. Take a look at Planetoids and Jetpac for the work they published with Psion and Ultimate. World of Spectrum's hardware page contains articles on various Sinclair and 3rd Party products.
    • Rareware
      The people who brought us games like Jetpac, PSSST, Tranz Am and Cookie. The're more well known in recent history as a 2nd party Nintendo and then Microsoft developer.
    • Codemasters
      Made it big in the low-end budget world with classics like the Dizzy series. Still going strong with full priced games on consoles and Intel boxes. Try Colin McRae DiRT and IndyCar Series.
    • Elite Systems Ltd.
      A veteran developer (and former publisher) of computer and video game software. Try out these ports of Tekkan's Bomb Jack and Sega's Space Harrier for a taste of their warez.
    • java.sun.com
      The Source for Java Technology. Nothing to do with the target hardware this site is emulating but all to do with the building block it's sitting on.

  • Contacts

    • Retrogames
      For over eight years Retrogames has provided information and news to gamers and collectors of classic videogames and machines. Includes a mail order service for software and hardware across many classic formats (Sinclair, Commodore, Nintendo, Sega, SNK, etc.).
    • Retrogamer
      Retrogamer is a printed fanzine published in Liverpool, UK which is dedicated to classic video games. The zine's definition of classic is any old game (basically 8-bit and 1980's) that made you forget the time or ate all your money at the arcade.

  • Users